The Henry Warren Hall

March 2022

March 2022

Dear Nyewood Residents,

Now that the spring bulbs are in flower and the weather seems to be warming up, we hope you are all well and looking forward to a much better year.

We are thrilled at the speed that the new hall is rising before our eyes, and believe that when it is finished it will be amongst the best, the most attractive, and most user-friendly village halls in the area. We are so grateful to our builders for their fantastic work. We are really excited now that the roof is almost complete and we are doing the preliminary work on the fitting out and furnishing of the inside, ready for when the windows are in and the building is secure.


We did not hold any events to generate revenue during 2020-21 and activity was limited to extensive negotiations with the SDNPA in order to secure the necessary approvals to construct the new hall on the new site and to sell the old site. The revised planning approvals were finally secured in February 2021 and the sale of the old site was completed in the following month.

Now we are up and running with the building of the new hall we need to hold AGMs in respect of both 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 encompassing the past two years. They will be held jointly on 11th June starting at 11.00am, and will be held by Zoom as we do not yet have a suitable venue and the Omicron virus is still rife. Please note this date in your diaries. We will send further details and a Zoom link nearer the time. All reporting of activity and annual accounts to the Charity Commission was completed by the due date.


We are extremely grateful to Tania Chaplin, Sue Sheppard, Mike Bracey and Paul Martin for taking on the setting up of the new village website. Once live, it will provide information on hall amenities, “What’s On”, and before long will be ready to accept advance bookings.

We also tender sincere thanks to a list of many other fantastic residents who have volunteered their expertise and a great deal of time, to move forward many areas in the physical preparation of the new hall, from planning and sourcing AV, furnishings, furniture and white goods, and fitting out the kitchen and bar, to planning and sourcing materials for the landscaping etc. There are still a great many opportunities to get involved in the completion of preparations of the hall for the opening. If you would like to offer your services in this regard, please contact Sue Wright: – 01730 823067.


We can now look forward to decisions on how everyone would like to use the hall and start making plans for events. Here is a reminder of the really good ideas of the sorts of events and activities suggested by various members of the Nyewood community both in the two surveys that were carried out over the past few years and in general discussions on various occasions:

• Sports and Fitness e.g. yoga, pilates, table tennis, darts, skittles

• Entertainment e.g. quizzes, film nights, music, concerts, talks

• Educational e.g. computer, photography, languages, cookery workshops

• Arts & Crafts e.g. classes, markets, shows

• Children e.g. mothers & toddlers group, clubs, parties, films

• Social Events e.g. bar nights, lunches, BBQs, suppers, village parties

Any other ideas would be more than welcome, particularly from new residents of the village, who may well have more ideas, or experiences of events in other villages that were particularly popular.

There are various ways of organising some of these events – they could be done as interest groups or formal lessons; they could be organised on a regular basis or simply held as one-off events. For example, one suggestion is that we might revert to opening the bar on Friday evenings for people to meet there just for a drink and a chat, as used to be the regular village practice a decade ago. Others might like to attend occasional bar event evenings when the hall is also set up for darts or skittles.

None of these things can happen however, without people coming forward to help. If any of you have suggestions or would be interested in getting involved, either as an organiser of some aspect of these events or simply as a participant, please contact Tania Chaplin: – 01730 818265 or Pam Cooper: – 01730 818416.

With our best wishes,

Chris Wright – Chairman
Sym Taylor, Paul Martin and Sarah Kuipers – Trustees

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